Personal Training and Bootcamps with WAMH Fitness in Maroubra and Rushcutters Bay

WAMh personal trainers keep workouts fun and engaging


Personal training Maroubra and Rushcutters Bay

One on One personal Training

Train at your own pace with personalised workouts and programs tailored just for you.

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Combining high intensity intervals of strength training, mixed with short bursts of cardio, gives you a killer fat torching workout.


There are numerous benefits of training outdoors.  

Besides the obvious ones of fresh air and vitamin D, here are a few more reasons to get you motivated to join us in a local park near you!


  • Psychological benefits - connecting to nature by exercising outdoors has been shown to not only benefit you physically but also mentally.

  • Shake up your workout - using machines such as treadmills or resistance trainers are great, but by adding the different aspects the outdoor terrain can bring you extend your workout in ways you cannot achieve indoors via flexing different muscles and activating your core.

  • No complicated machines to use - you may not know how to use the exercise equipment you find at a gym effectively and without injuring yourself.  Any equipment you need at bootcamp is provided for you and used with guidance and support.

  • Group exercise - bootcamps provide extra support, motivation and encouragement as you are training in a group of enthusiastic and friendly like minded individuals.  The camaraderie will keep you going and you may even make new friends.

  • Your first week is free!