What is anaerobic training?

The key difference between aerobic training and anaerobic training is oxygen.  Aerobic training relies on oxygen and how efficiently your body transports it through your circulatory system to your muscles.  Anaerobic training which lierally means “without oxygen” - is fuelled by the energy already stored in your muscles.  It is commonly referred to as strength training.

Now here is where we get a bit technical…fair warning!  In order for your muscles to access that stored energy, your body conducts a process called glycolysis.  In short this is when sugar is converted into energy and is a process which occurs in your muscle cells during anaerobic exercise.  It does this without the use of oxygen and as a result your body produces lactic acid or lactate.  Lactate can be converted to energy without the use of oxygen.

Lactic acid can accumulate in your body faster than your body can convert it to energy.  This is why you tire quickly when performing anaerobic exercise as your muscles fatigue.  Regularly participating in anaerobic training will enable your body to tolerate and eliminate lactic acid more quickly and efficiently.

There are a lot of benefits of anaerobic exercise.  The main one being that it will build lean muscle mass and overall strength.  This will in turn increase your metabolism and protect your bones and joints.  Anaerobic training will also boost your energy levels.

Anaerobic exercise is not recommended if you are pregnant and if you are a beginner it is best to work up to a well-structured anaerobic workout, which we can help you with here at WAMH Fitness.