Is working out in the morning a good idea?

Working out at any time of the day is a good idea, but there is no doubt that doing a workout or bootcamp at different times of the day will produce different results.  And we can all do with a helping hand in getting the most out of our daily workout!

So which is better?

There are many benefits of working out in the morning besides the obvious one of time management – getting it done early in the morning means you don’t have to try and squeeze it in during your busy workday.  Ticking it off your list early can leave you free to focus on your day.

Some people say that a morning workout leaves them energised for the rest of the day which could be because of the increase in neurotransmitters training produces in your brain.  Exercise can also increase your serotonin levels – the “happy hormone” which can actually make it addictive in some people.  And speaking of hormones – for men their testosterone levels are higher in themorning, so working out early and doing weight training for example will build muscle faster by taking advantage of that.

Morning workouts kick start your metabolism too helping your body to burn more calories during the day.  This effect will go on throughout the day which means you actually burn the calories while you are awake and consuming food as opposed to the effect of doing a workout late in the evening.

Working out in the evening can also leave you feeling pumped and wide awake, which if done too late in the day can make it difficult to sleep.  However, this may be a generalisation as it really depends on the type of training you do in the evening as to the quality of your sleep.

Timing your workout is not the same for everyone.  It can depend on your gender, fitness and workout goals and your lifestyle.  In order to get the best impact have a chat with your trainer so they can personalise your exercise sessions and make sure you get the results you are looking for.