Maroubra Fun Run - Special Offer!

Become a member of our evening bootcamps in Arthur Byrne Reserve Maroubra Beach, and receive 2 complimentary one-on-one personal training sessions!

To help you to reach your fitness goals sooner, in these 2 free personal training sessions we will;

  • discuss and evaluate your current level of fitness including body measurements etc
  • work with you on your goals and where you want to be
  • tailor a training plan to help you achieve your goals
  • provide you with advice on food and diet
  • explain the science behind our MetaFit training programs and why it could work for you

You'll also get a chance to chat to our trainers about how our bootcamps work so well in helping you achieve your fitness goals.  All our bootcamps and personal training sessions are designed for your individual fitness level and cater to your needs.

To take advantage of this offer, register here and use the promo code NNN17